To those who suffer from diseases of stomach and duodenum!

At the Medical Center of Doctor Poveshchenko the qualified professionals carry out:

  • fast and painless examination of a gastrointestinal ├▒anal by the up-to-date Japanese equipment
  • unique methods of treatment of ulcers of a stomach and duodenum, gastritis of different forms and gastroduodenits
  • treatment of ulcers by the laser

Application of complex treatment of peptic ulcer in combination with photoradiotherapy (directly on an ulcer) provides more quicker adhesion of ulcers of a stomach and of a duodenum and more quicker convalescence of sick people than if old method of treatment is used; besides, it provides more considerable effect: long-term remission (abatement) of this serious disease comes; patients get rid of serious after-effects (ulcerous helcomenia, perforations of ulcers, transformation into malignant tumour, etc.); our method of treatment allows to avoid the necessity of operations on a stomach and on a duodenum.

Conducting of special laboratory researches of diseases of a stomach and duodenum allows to choose the most exact tactics of treatment.

The course of treatment lasts from 7 up to 10 seances on average. The high positive effect is observed even when the medicinal method of treatment does not give a good positive result for the people which have been suffering from diseases of a stomach and duodenum for a long period of time.

There are a lot of patients that had already had an operation on a stomach earlier, but after a while ulcers appeared again. So these people should go through operations once or twice. Our methods of treatment with application of a laser beam allow such patients to avoid repeated operations on a stomach and, thus, risk for life, connected with the repeated operations, is practically excluded.

During treatment by our methods for the space of more than 18 years about 10 000 of patients have been received. It is very important that during the first medical seances extremely good medicinal effect is observed even for patients with strong pain syndrome: pain and all unpleasant sensations are disappeared, patients feel themselves well, ulcers heal quickly - and all these processes are under constant visual control of the doctor.

A lot of patients that have been suffering from ulcers and gastroduodenit for a long time earlier forget about this really martyr and dangerous disease for ever after treatment at our Centre. Probably, records of our patients left in «Visitors Book» after treatment at our Centre will be more convincing.

«Geography» of doctor Poveshchenko's patients for the whole period of his work covers more than 20 countries near and far foreign countries.