«Visitors Book»

Patients from different places come for treatment to the Medical Center of Doctor Poveshchenko. Famous writer and journalist Lukash I.M. writes about this in his book "Thy name is holy, father": "I do not want to count up for how many patients our famous fellow-townsman has given the greatest pleasure - health! But his Centre is well-known in many cities and villages from Brest up to Vladivostok, from Murmansk up to Tashkent. Patients expressed their deep and everlasting thanks to the "magician" Poveshchenko in the "Visitors' Book". There are also words of hearty thanks of citizens of Syria, Mongolia, Palestine and USA in it.

«... I have been down with ulcer for a long time. Was operated. But strong pain have come back again. Examination has determined ulcer in the operated stomach again. I was treated medicamentally at hospitals, I took the best home and foreign medicine, I was treated medicamentally also in Finland, but pain hasn't stopped and ulcer hasn't healed within two years. But when I began treatment with Doctor Poveshchenko, right after 3 - 4 seances I was relieved and pain stopped. After the course of treatment recovery has came»

patient B., pensionary

Ukraine, Zaporozhye

«... Thank You very much for You have returned me health and pleasure of life. I have been suffering from stomach for a long time, was treated a lot, but such remarkable result I've got only after Your treatment. Your method is effective and it almost saves from ulcer. Many thanks to You!»

patient E., oil-industry worker

Russia, Yakutia

«... Treatment of ulcer in many clinics have not given any positive results. Moreover, the doctors, which treated me, have passed the sentence on immediate operation. Probably it was God who has showed me a road to You. After several seances of Your treatment I have relieved: Now I feel well. Control examination has shown, that I am healthy, and all this after 10 years of martyrdom and sufferings»

patient À., housewife

Russia, Novomoskovsk

«... I have been suffering from peptic ulcer since 1987. I passed treatment several times at hospitals of Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Sevastopol : Thank You very much for Your attention and clever fingers. You have given me health and faith. With kind regards»

patient B., long-voyage captain

Russia, Vladivostok

«... They say God gives life for a man and, if it finishes, the Most High sends a doctor and this doctor prolongs man's life. And now, dear doctor, God have given You to me. I do not know how to call your hands and head: Gold? They are priceless. You are national property! Dear doctor, You bring hundreds of people back to life, activity, family, love»

patient G., People's artist


«... Your high professionalism, sensitive attitude towards patients arouse admiration and worship. Thank You very much for You restore people to health, You make their life of full value again»

patient P., People's Deputy


«... âThanks a lot for Your hands, heart, skill and attention to people. From the bottom of my heart I thank You for my healthy stomach. I wish You success in your business and simply HAPPINESS»

patient K., President of the company


«... I have been suffering from peptic ulcer for a long time. I came for treatment with the neglected stomach ulcer and I felt very bad. After three seances pain has stopped completely, I have been better and after the whole course of treatment I feel very well»

patient M., pensionary

Ukraine, Zaporozhye

«... I have been ill for a long time. I came to Doctor Poveshchenko when I had lost my hope for convalescence: After the conducted course of treatment strength, health and confidence in the future have came back to me. I admire this person, I give him my kind regards and thanks»

patient D., pensionary

Ukraine, Zaporozhye

«... I've been ill for a long time, I spent many months at hospitals, but I felt very bad. Everything was bad and hopeless until I have got to Doctor Poveshchenko. Now I feel very well and I am in the prime of my life. It seems I have been born anew after so many torments and sleepless nights»

patient À., housewife

Ukraine, Zaporozhye