«Our 7-year experience of endoscopy»

Since 1985 till 1991:2 881 endoscopies with medicinal purpose on the occasion of peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum were executed. Medicinal endoscopy for 266 patients was carried out according to the established methods by local aiming treatment of ulcers through an endoscope under direct vision, and for 218 patients endoscopic treatment was combined with preliminary laser therapy on an ulcerative defect.

43 patients had ulcers complicated with bleeding (of light and mean degree of severity). In these cases with the purpose of hemostasis an aiming putting of a polymerizing adhesive, through an endoscope, on a bleeding ulcer was carried out. Quality control of hemostasis was executed by means of endoscope on the 1st and 3rd day.

Medicinal effect of the aiming endoscopic treatment was observed in all cases: in direct local treatment of ulcers with a laser beam, Hippophae oil - pain relief, active growth of granulation tissue and fast epithelization of an ulcer were observed. Complete ulcer epithelization was observed on the 8th-14th day (depending on size of an ulcerative defect), and mucous tunic of a gastroduodenal zone was restoring, thus reducing a period of patient treatment: In the subsequent period a constant remission (up to 80 %) was observed:

...Taking into account 7-year experience of our clinical work (both diagnostic researches and application of medicinal endoscopy) one can draw a conclusion on great long-term opportunities in development of endoscopy in medical practice.

/«Materials of the Scientific-Practice Conference of Endoscopists of Ukraine», 1996, Kiev/